How to bet on sports: tips

How to bet on sports: tips

Many beginners try to find tips on sports betting from professionals. There is a lot of information on this subject on the internet, but most often lists of short recommendations are published.

A novice bettor needs to have everything spelt out, because he may not even understand the basic concepts:

Start-up capital.
Allocate as much money for betting as you can afford to lose. This should be free money that you don’t need. No matter how large the amount, bet no more than 5% of the total pot.

You need to make sure that you have enough money for at least 10 bets. Otherwise, you run the risk of ending up with a zero balance quickly. Alternatively, try to make some money online from scratch and pour all your extra income into betting shops.

Competent analysis.
You’ll have to go deeper into sports, study every match, statistics and more. We have already told you how to analyse football for betting. To make a competent prediction, you need to consider at least the main factors:

The weather affects the activity of the players and the state of the field;
The importance of the event influences the game, because for someone the match may not be important, while for another team, it is the last chance to break into the standings;
The form of the team determines its readiness for the game. Whether there are injuries, how many matches have been played and so on;
Statistics helps to know more about each team. Who’s attacking more, who’s defending better, even the number of red cards;
The schedule also affects the game. For instance the team won’t put all their energy into a friendly match, if they take to the pitch in the Champions’ League soon;
Emotional background may be disrupted by change of managerial staff, players leaving the team and other events.
The more different factors are factored into the analysis, the better the forecast will be. All of those situations affect the outcome of the match in different ways, so you need to learn how to judge their importance.

Paid predictions.
Why bother when you can pay an expert and get a prediction? Do you know someone who does it professionally, but you too lazy to analyze sports events?

Then you can try, but remember there are too many supposed gurus on the Internet, and sometimes they sell useless forecasts. It is better to invest in a few bets than to give them to someone, being unsure of the quality of information.

Plan of action.
A bettor should have a plan for every situation. It is not about strategy, but about how to manage your capital, when and how much to bet, in which leagues, sports, what to do when you lose big.

You have to consider all the possible outcomes and make a list of rules for yourself, so as not to make more mistakes.

Control your emotions.
A problem many newbies have is trying to win back after big losses. And some of them become careless with their money if they win a lot. A cold calculation is required when making money in betting shops.

Emotions make mistakes, take wins and losses for granted. Wait some time after them to continue working with a clear head.

That’s not all a beginner needs to know, there are whole books written on the subject of making money in betting shops. It takes a long time to get up to speed, and if you don’t pay enough attention to theory, you won’t get anywhere in practice.

Sports betting strategy

Before you place a bet, you need to decide which tactic you’re going to use.

For decades, bettors have searched for ways to beat the betting shops, but have never found a unique feature that guarantees a win. However, sports betting strategies for beginners help increase the chances of winning.

Изучайте как можно больше стратегий, в каждой из них есть своя «изюминка». Собрав основные преимущества разных тактик, вы сможете разработать свою методику.

Every professional has their own methodology, usually developed over time based on personal experience. There are two main groups of betting strategies:

Mathematical – designed for competent capital management, overlapping costs. A striking example is Martingale, in which subsequent bets are made with a multiplication of the amount by 2 times. If you lose, bet twice as much, sooner or later you will win and your previous losses will be repaid (provided that the odds are higher than 2).
Gambling – the bets are based on gambling moments. For example, the teams statistics are analysed in terms of average time of possession and number of goals. Then the averages are calculated and a bet on the total is opened.
In the first case there is no relation to sport, exactly the same strategy is used in gambling. Such trickery is not forbidden in bookmakers’ offices. Gambling tactics are much more difficult to apply, because it takes more time.

Remember that there are no win-win strategies, and if you are persuaded otherwise by a professional, they are worthless experts. Risks will remain in any case, sport is unpredictable, even here sometimes events happen that no one believed in.

General secrets and tips from sports betting pros

On forums, blogs, social media and many other resources, professionals have posted tips on sports betting for beginners. We have gone through many sites and have collected sound advice:

  • The first thing a beginner needs to do is to learn all the terms and phrases in sports betting. Otherwise, it will not be possible to learn the theory;
  • Do not stay with one strategy, you have to keep changing tactics, combining them and testing something new;
  • It is worth trying to use forks in bookmakers’ offices. They are forbidden, but with the right approach, no one will notice that you are using them;
  • treat earning from sports betting the same as a full-time job, which requires a lot of time;
  • Have you got knowledge of a particular sport or even league? Then why spread yourself out to something else? Work in the field that’s closest to you;
  • No matter how confident you are about the outcome of a match, never bet huge sums. It’s important to stay afloat in this business;
  • Every bet is a separate job. You have to analyse everything carefully, make a good prediction and only then deal with the money;
  • Forget about match-fixing, even if they exist, information about it is only available to a small circle of people;
  • Choose licensed bookmakers, otherwise all your efforts might be in vain, you won’t get the money;
  • have you found some resource with sports forecasts from professionals? That’s not yet a reason to turn off your brain. You always have to make your own decision;
  • Do not leave too much money in your account at the bookmaker’s office. Order payouts periodically to lock in your profits.

By sticking to the simple rules, your chances of making a profit from betting shops will increase several times over. It is a pity that many people start betting on sports without studying the advice and secrets of professionals, learning only from their mistakes.

Sports betting tips and predictions from the pros

By the law of meanness, you will probably or have experienced situations where you correctly predict the outcome of a game you bet nothing on, or where you are 100% sure of your prediction, but it doesn’t work out.

It can also happen that one of the multi bets you placed the highest amount of money on loses.

All this is often reported in various groups, forums and chat rooms. Get involved in the community of professionals. Look for interesting projects, they often have useful information.

People share their predictions, discuss matches and tell you what you might be missing.

Start communicating with real sports betting professionals. They give out tips for free and at the same time you can make business connections and improve your own predictions.

Sports betting is chosen by newcomers because they mistakenly think it is easy. Not only does it require an investment at the start, it also requires a certain amount of knowledge.

So it is worth thinking a few times about whether this kind of work is right for you. But the fact that the topic is profitable cannot be disputed, professionals actually get stable winnings.