Betting on eSports - real online earnings

Betting on eSports – real online earnings

Competitive gaming is a separate industry with its own rules and features, and there is a lot of money riding on it as well.

Professional players win championships, travel to other countries, create clubs and gather fans who don’t mind betting real money on their win.

Betting on eSports is a real online earner that perfectly complements the hobby. There are more and more fans of cyber competitions.

The broadcasts gather millions of viewers around the world. It’s not just the organisers and players who make money; fans bet and win.

The best eSports betting and earning on games

Computer games are one of the most common hobbies. Users use PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

Developers are constantly creating new games and major tournaments are held on the most popular of them. This can even be an international competition, which flies the best players from around the world.

More and more projects are being created for the players themselves. They offer them to duel, to bet, to try and win money by fighting against real opponents.

Professionals earn money by participating in various events, signing contracts with brands, making profits from streams and published videos.

The participants in these events earn huge fees and it is their main source of income.

To get invited to tournaments, you have a long way to go, and not everyone succeeds. That is why many people wonder how they can make a lot of money from games? One interesting option is online betting on eSports.

Earnings from eSports betting

Smaller services have already started taking bets on eSports, but it’s not serious and it’s unlikely to earn much.

Those who follow the gaming industry and know exactly who will be the winner of this or that tournament should start betting. The most common tournaments are for the following games:

  • CS:GO;
  • Dota2;
  • World Of Tanks;
  • PUBG;
  • League of Legends;
  • Overwatch;
  • Heartstone;
  • Smite;
  • Heroes of the Storm;
  • Starcraft II.

Most newcomers, consider betting on cyber sports to be a lottery. Predicting the outcome of a particular team clash is indeed difficult, but the odds can also be so high that even with a small bet you manage to make a handsome win.

Cyber sports betting: useful tips

Making money from cyber sports betting needs to be taken seriously. If you come to betting sites for more than just entertainment, you need to act wisely. For beginners, these tips are definitely helpful:

  • Develop your own betting strategy, combine different techniques, test and verify;
  • Don’t bet on minor events, there is a good chance that the winner has already been “bought” (a negotiated game);
  • For the winnings to be solid, you need to choose normal odds. They are usually available on betting – first blood, totals, first 10 kills;
  • Do not succumb to the excitement and control emotions, losses will definitely be, the main thing is not to try to win back and not to drain the pot;
  • do not rush, wait for a bet to open a bet with an obvious outcome and a “tasty” odds;
  • never open a bet with all your money, if you are sure of the outcome, at least divide the bank in half;
  • Do not leave large sums on bookmaker sites, no matter how trustworthy they may be. At the very least, you risk losing them in a fit of happiness, anger and other emotions;
  • Look for communities where other cyber sports betting fans communicate, they can share their predictions.

Cyber sports betting sites are becoming more and more popular, which means that the niche is gaining momentum. There is already a lot of money in it, and you can get it, too, if you do not just play betting, but try to make money.

We have shown you how to bet on eSports, presented the best websites and strategies and even given you some useful tips. Now decide if this kind of earning suits you and if you can do it.

This option is sure to please everyone who follows cyber athletes and big tournaments without betting. The knowledge in this niche will come in handy for making predictions.