Betting on an early victory

Betting on an early victory

Betting on boxing is not the most popular type of sports betting. Boxing fights are rare if we are talking about professionals, so most long-term strategies in this sport are simply not applicable. In this article, let’s talk about the types of boxing wins you can bet on.

Types of Boxing Wins

Boxing wins come in many forms, so the stakes are different. If you try to systematize the types of wins, there are two main types:

  • Victory on points.
  • Early victory.

In the first case, boxers spend an agreed number of rounds in the ring, according to the results of which the judges determine the winner. What does an early victory in boxing mean? In the case of an early victory, the reasons for stopping the fight and awarding victory to one of the participants can be many.
The most common bet in boxing is to bet on the outcome. There are three options, just like in soccer, but a draw in boxing is extremely rare. A bet on the early end of the fight is in second place among popular bets. As a rule, the early end of the fight means a knockout, which happens more often in fights of heavy weight categories.

Betting on winning on points is risky because the judges’ decisions are not always objective. Suppose you bet on a boxer who had a better overall fight, but the judges gave the victory to his opponent. Another popular bet in boxing is betting on the number of rounds. You can guess the exact number and get a solid score, or you can bet on the total – the chances to win in this case becomes more.

A well conducted analytics helps to make the right bet. It is worth to pay attention to the physical condition of the boxers, whether the fighter moved from another weight class, whether he went through the planned training program, what style and tactics each has, how he spent the previous fights.

Conventional strategies, such as overtaking, are not applicable in boxing because of the low frequency of fights. If in soccer you can bet from game to game over a long distance, in boxing the breaks between fights are not clearly regulated, it is not always known whether a particular boxer will enter the ring in principle.

Early Victory in Boxing

There are five main reasons for stopping a fight before the agreed number of rounds:

  • Knockout
  • Victory by a clear advantage
  • Disqualification of one or more boxers
  • When seconds refuse to continue the fight and towel has been thrown out
  • Because of dangerous injury, by doctor’s decision

Bookmakers offer different quotes for stopping the fight for certain reasons and at different times. Let’s take the example of not a boxing fight, but the sensational MMA fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, which ended with an early victory of the Russian in the fourth round.

The favorite before the fight was Khabib, who had never lost a fight in his career. A few days before the fight his odds were 1.57 against his opponent’s 2.40. Bookmakers were confident that the fight would end early with an odds of 1.25. Bookmakers were giving a very sweet odds on total more than 2.5 rounds (2.05) and total less than 2.5 rounds (1.80).

An early victory in this case was not difficult to assume after studying the statistics of the previous fights of each fighter.